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----UPDATE 7-15-2017----
Added PathwaysVR.
An updated version with a few bug fixes and VR optimizations.
Unfortunately, PathwaysVR is VR only.

still a work in progress but after about 15 hours of work, here's my entry.

Welcome to Pathways. The light/white corridors are safe, the dark/black corridors are full of dangers, don't hang around.

Your sword will slowly run out of charge, and even faster if you kill badies. Luckily for you, there are refills throughout the maze. Get to the blinding white room to win.

Just a heads up, the white room may look as though it's just a weird white wall at the end of a hallway, just keep walking.

If you get stuck, try pressing 'r', it'll rebuild the maze, and 'Esc' quits the game.

For non-vr (Not compatible with PathwaysVR):

Controls are normal, wasd or arrows to move. Mouse to look.

*As of right now, there is no animation for the sword, but you can still kill enemies with the sword by manually hitting them with it.

For vr:

Turn on steamVR before starting game.

Motion controllers are required for VR.

Trigger to restart level (Only in PathwaysVR)

To begin moving, squeeze both grip buttons and swing your arms facing the direction you'd like to go. Speed and direction is controlled by the speed and rotation of your controllers. You can move your headset freely while walking without affecting your direction. To run backwards, do the same motion over your shoulders

Just hit with the sword to kill.

Thank you and enjoy,

Sean Frolander

Special thanks to

Gabe Mannino for the 3d assets,

and Evan Carlsen for the sound.


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Does not work in VR for MAC


Pretty fun.